Corporate Tax

  • Tax planning and preparation services for family owned businesses
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Set up of holding companies for tax minimization purposes, protecting assets and in contemplation of selling the business or retirement of principals
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Take advantage of tax free payment of inter corporate dividends

Personal Tax

  • Dividend versus salary payments
  • Potential of income splitting with spouses or other family members
  • Consideration of incorporating versus operating as a proprietorship or partnership
  • RRSP contributions to minimize or defer income taxes
  • Pension splitting and other tax planning strategies for seniors

Year-End Accounting

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Preparation of notice to reader financial statements
  • Preparation of review engagement financial statements to comply with bonding company conditions, bank financing conditions, or regulatory agencies

Estate Planning

  • Reduce probate and minimize estate taxes
  • Simplify the estate to facilitate executor duties
  • Maximize the amount available for beneficiaries and minimize the potential for family disputes
  • Take advantage of capital gains exemption for qualifying Canadian small business corporations

Purchase and Sale of a Business

  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Assistance with bank financing
  • Other financing strategies
  • Consideration of purchasing shares versus assets

Business Succession Planning

  • Exit strategies leading up to retirement or sale of business
  • Prepare to sell the business outright
  • Consideration of other exit strategies
  • Sale of business to children or other family members
  • Sale of business to key employees
  • Facilitate buy in by key employees or family member through the use of estate freezes


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